Operations at https://trial.eway-crm.com/31994/WcfService/Service.svc

This page describes the service operations at this endpoint.

Uri Method Description
/SaveBinaryAttachment POST Saves the binary attachment as a new revision.
CheckStatus GET Calls the check status method on the eWay-CRM Web Service. This way the communication integrity is tested.
DeleteCart POST Deletes the bookkeeping record.
DeleteCompany POST Deletes the company.
DeleteContact POST Deletes the contact.
DeleteCurrencyExchangeRate POST Deletes the currency exchange rate.
DeleteDocument POST Deletes the document.
DeleteEmail POST Deletes the email.
DeleteEnumValuesRelation POST Deletes the enum values relation.
DeleteGood POST Deletes the product.
DeleteGoodInCart POST Deletes the product instance, which is part of a bookkeeping record.
DeleteJournal POST Deletes the journal record.
DeleteLead POST Deletes the deal.
DeleteMarketingCampaign POST Deletes the marketing campaign.
DeleteMarketingListRecord POST Deletes the marketing list record.
DeleteProject POST Deletes the project.
DeleteRecurrencePattern POST Deletes the project.
DeleteRelation POST Deletes logical relation (both records from ObjectRelations and one record from RelationData) and corresponding unified relation record.
DeleteTask POST Deletes the project.
DeleteUserSetting POST Deletes the user setting.
DeleteWorkReport POST Deletes the time sheet record.
GetAdditionalFields POST Gets all custom fields.
GetAdditionalFieldsByItemGuids POST Gets the custom fields by their item guids.
GetAdditionalFieldsIdentifiers POST Gets all the custom fields identifiers.
GetBinaryAttachment POST Gets the whole binary attachment as binary stream.
GetCalendars POST Gets all calendars.
GetCalendarsByItemGuids POST Gets the calendar items by their item guids.
GetCalendarsIdentifiers POST Gets all the calendar items identifiers.
GetCarts POST Gets all bookkeeping records.
GetCartsByItemGuids POST Gets the bookkeeping records by their item guids.
GetCartsIdentifiers POST Gets all the bookkeeping records identifiers.
GetChangedItems POST Gets the changed items form the given folders. This method is a combination of calling GetItemChangeIdentifiers and GetXitemsByItemGuids.
GetCompanies POST Gets all companies.
GetCompaniesByItemGuids POST Gets the companies by their item guids.
GetCompaniesIdentifiers POST Gets all the companies identifiers.
GetContacts POST Gets all contacts.
GetContactsByItemGuids POST Gets the contacts by their item guids.
GetContactsIdentifiers POST Gets all the contacts identifiers.
GetCurrencyExchangeRates POST Gets all currency exchange rates.
GetCurrencyExchangeRatesByItemGuids POST Gets the currency exchange rates by their item guids.
GetCurrencyExchangeRatesIdentifiers POST Gets all the currency exchange rates identifiers.
GetDocuments POST Gets all documents.
GetDocumentsByItemGuids POST Gets the documents by their item guids.
GetDocumentsIdentifiers POST Gets all the documents identifiers.
GetEmails POST Gets all emails.
GetEmailsByItemGuids POST Gets the emails by their item guids.
GetEmailsIdentifiers POST Gets all the emails identifiers.
GetEnumTypes POST Gets all enum types.
GetEnumTypesByItemGuids POST Gets the enum types by their item guids.
GetEnumTypesIdentifiers POST Gets all the enum types identifiers.
GetEnumValues POST Gets all enum values.
GetEnumValuesByItemGuids POST Gets the enum values by their item guids.
GetEnumValuesIdentifiers POST Gets all the enum values identifiers.
GetEnumValuesRelations POST Gets all enum values relations.
GetEnumValuesRelationsByItemGuids POST Gets the enum values by their item guids.
GetEnumValuesRelationsIdentifiers POST Gets all the enum values relations identifiers.
GetFeatures POST Gets all features.
GetFeaturesByItemGuids POST Gets the features by their item guids.
GetFeaturesIdentifiers POST Gets all the features identifiers.
GetFlows POST Gets all flows.
GetFlowsByItemGuids POST Gets the flow items by their item guids.
GetFlowsIdentifiers POST Gets all the flow items identifiers.
GetGlobalSettings POST Gets all global settings.
GetGlobalSettingsByItemGuids POST Gets the global settings by their item guids.
GetGlobalSettingsIdentifiers POST Gets all the global settings identifiers.
GetGoods POST Gets all products.
GetGoodsByItemGuids POST Gets the products by their item guids.
GetGoodsIdentifiers POST Gets all the products identifiers.
GetGoodsInCart POST Gets all products in bookkeeping records.
GetGoodsInCartByItemGuids POST Gets the products in bookkeeping records by their item guids.
GetGoodsInCartIdentifiers POST Gets all the products in bookkeeping records.
GetGroups POST Gets all groups.
GetGroupsByItemGuids POST Gets the groups by their item guids.
GetGroupsIdentifiers POST Gets all the groups identifiers.
GetItemChangeIdentifiers POST Gets the item change identifiers for the given module and changes interval.
GetJournals POST Gets all journals.
GetJournalsByItemGuids POST Gets the journal items by their item guids.
GetJournalsIdentifiers POST Gets all the journal items identifiers.
GetLastItemChangeId POST Gets the last item change id (the latest, the highest).
GetLatestRevision POST Gets the latest known revision of the item.
GetLeads POST Gets all deals.
GetLeadsByItemGuids POST Gets the deals by their item guids.
GetLeadsIdentifiers POST Gets all the deals identifiers.
GetMarketingCampaigns POST Gets all marketing campaigns.
GetMarketingCampaignsByItemGuids POST Gets the marketing campaigns by their item guids.
GetMarketingCampaignsIdentifiers POST Gets all the marketing campaigns identifiers.
GetMarketingListsRecords POST Gets all marketing lists records.
GetMarketingListsRecordsByItemGuids POST Gets the marketing lists records by their item guids.
GetMarketingListsRecordsIdentifiers POST Gets all the marketing lists records identifiers.
GetMyColumnPermissions POST Gets sumarized column permissions for the logged user.
GetMyModulePermissions POST Gets sumarized module permissions for the logged user.
GetNewGuidsBuffer POST Get buffer of generated guids which can be used for identifying the items created outside eWay-CRM where GUID cannot be generated.
GetObjectTypes POST Gets the object types.
GetProjects POST Gets all projects.
GetProjectsByItemGuids POST Gets the projects by their item guids.
GetProjectsIdentifiers POST Gets all the projects identifiers.
GetRecurrencePatterns POST Gets all recurrence patterns.
GetRecurrencePatternsByItemGuids POST Gets the recurrence patterns by their item guids.
GetRecurrencePatternsIdentifiers POST Gets all the recurrence patterns identifiers.
GetSalePrices POST Gets all sale prices.
GetSalePricesByItemGuids POST Gets the sale price items by their item guids.
GetSalePricesIdentifiers POST Gets all the sale price items identifiers.
GetTasks POST Gets all tasks.
GetTasksByItemGuids POST Gets the tasks by their item guids.
GetTasksIdentifiers POST Gets all the tasks identifiers.
GetUnifiedRelationsByRelationDataItemGuids POST Gets the unified relations by their relation data item guids.
GetUnifiedRelationsChangeIdentifiers POST Gets the item change identifiers of the unified relations from interval.
GetUniqueGeneralUnifiedRelationsIdentifiers POST Gets the identifiers of all the unified relations that are general, AF and GROUP.
GetUsers POST Gets all users.
GetUsersByItemGuids POST Gets the users by their item guids.
GetUserSettings POST Gets all user settings.
GetUserSettingsByItemGuids POST Gets the user settings by their item guids.
GetUserSettingsIdentifiers POST Gets all the user settings identifiers.
GetUsersIdentifiers POST Gets all the users identifiers.
GetWorkflowHistoryRecords POST Gets all WorkflowHistoryRecords.
GetWorkflowHistoryRecordsByItemGuids POST Gets the WorkflowHistoryRecord items by their item guids.
GetWorkflowHistoryRecordsIdentifiers POST Gets all the WorkflowHistoryRecord items identifiers.
GetWorkflowModels POST Gets all workflow models.
GetWorkflowModelsByItemGuids POST Gets the workflow model items by their item guids.
GetWorkflowModelsIdentifiers POST Gets all the workflow model items identifiers.
GetWorkReports POST Gets all time sheets.
GetWorkReportsByItemGuids POST Gets the time sheets by their item guids.
GetWorkReportsIdentifiers POST Gets all the time sheets identifiers.
HaveMyPermissionsChanged POST Determines whether the current user's permissions could change during the given change id interval.
LogIn POST Logins user into the system.
SaveCart POST Saves the bookkeeping record.
SaveCompany POST Saves the company.
SaveContact POST Saves the contact.
SaveCurrencyExchangeRate POST Saves the currency exchange rate.
SaveDocument POST Saves the document item.
SaveEnumValuesRelation POST Saves the enum values relation.
SaveGood POST Saves the product.
SaveGoodInCart POST Saves the products in bookkeeping record.
SaveGroup POST Saves the group.
SaveJournal POST Saves the journal.
SaveLead POST Saves the deal.
SaveMarketingCampaign POST Saves the marketing campaign.
SaveMarketingListRecord POST Saves the marketing list record.
SaveProject POST Saves the project.
SaveRecurrencePattern POST Saves the recurrence pattern.
SaveRelation POST Saves relation between two specified items.
SaveTask POST Saves the task.
SaveUnifiedRelation POST Saves the unified relation.
SaveUserSetting POST Saves the user setting.
SaveWorkReport POST Saves the time sheet.
SearchAdditionalFields POST Searches custom fields.
SearchAdditionalFieldsIdentifiers POST Searches custom field items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchCalendars POST Searches calendars.
SearchCalendarsIdentifiers POST Searches calendar items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchCarts POST Searches bookkeeping records.
SearchCartsIdentifiers POST Searches the bookkeeping records and returns only the identifiers.
SearchCompanies POST Searches companies.
SearchCompaniesIdentifiers POST Searches company items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchContacts POST Searches contacts.
SearchContactsIdentifiers POST Searches contact items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchCurrencyExchangeRates POST Searches currency exchange rates.
SearchCurrencyExchangeRatesIdentifiers POST Searches currency exchange rate items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchDocuments POST Searches documents.
SearchDocumentsIdentifiers POST Searches document items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchEmails POST Searches emails.
SearchEmailsIdentifiers POST Searches email items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchEnumTypes POST Searches enum types.
SearchEnumTypesIdentifiers POST Searches enum type items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchEnumValues POST Searches enum values.
SearchEnumValuesIdentifiers POST Searches enum value items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchFeatures POST Searches features.
SearchFeaturesIdentifiers POST Searches feature items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchFlows POST Searches flows.
SearchFlowsIdentifiers POST Searches flow items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchGlobalSettings POST Searches global settings.
SearchGlobalSettingsIdentifiers POST Searches global setting items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchGoods POST Searches products.
SearchGoodsIdentifiers POST Searches product items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchGoodsInCart POST Searches products in bookkeeping records.
SearchGoodsInCartIdentifiers POST Searches the product in bookkeeping items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchGroups POST Searches the groups.
SearchGroupsIdentifiers POST Searches group items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchJournals POST Searches journals.
SearchJournalsIdentifiers POST Searches journal items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchLeads POST Searches deals.
SearchLeadsIdentifiers POST Searches deal items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchMarketingCampaigns POST Searches marketing campaigns.
SearchMarketingCampaignsIdentifiers POST Searches marketing campaign items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchMarketingListsRecords POST Searches marketing lists records.
SearchMarketingListsRecordsIdentifiers POST Searches marketing lists records and returns only the identifiers.
SearchProjects POST Searches projects.
SearchProjectsIdentifiers POST Searches project items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchRecurrencePatterns POST Searches recurrence patterns.
SearchRecurrencePatternsIdentifiers POST Searches recurrence pattern items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchSalePrices POST Searches sale prices.
SearchSalePricesIdentifiers POST Searches sale price items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchTasks POST Searches tasks.
SearchTasksIdentifiers POST Searches task items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchUsers POST Searches users by the passed DTO.
SearchUserSettings POST Searches user settings.
SearchUserSettingsIdentifiers POST Searches user settings items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchUsersIdentifiers POST Searches user items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchWorkflowHistoryRecords POST Searches WorkflowHistoryRecords.
SearchWorkflowHistoryRecordsIdentifiers POST Searches WorkflowHistoryRecord items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchWorkflowModels POST Searches workflow models.
SearchWorkflowModelsIdentifiers POST Searches workflow model items and returns only the identifiers.
SearchWorkReports POST Searches time sheets.
SearchWorkReportsIdentifiers POST Searches time sheet items and returns only the identifiers.